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The US pro-life movement is increasingly confident of overturning the 1973 Supreme Court ruling

A poll found 51 per cent think it is wrong to require organisations to support abortion before they receive state funding

There are concerns the move will disproportionately hit the pro-life side

This is the first time the UK March for Life was held in the UK capital

Argentina is gripped by a debate over whether to change abortion law

Aisha Chithira died of internal bleeding after a late-term abortion at the Ealing clinic

The report now features information on ‘coercion in population control’

‘Abortion Matters’ is for anyone who is open to a proper and honest debate

They accused Ealing Council of violating basic rights to free speech, prayer, and free assembly

Alina Dugheriu, who was helped by a pro-life vigil, said she did not want women to have ‘vital support’ removed