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The priest who used to live on the street

Catholic News Agency told the remarkable story of Fr Claude Paradis, once homeless, now a priest. In an interview with the Montreal magazine Journal Metro, Fr Paradis recalled how he went into a downward spiral after moving to the city and failing to find a job. He became addicted to drugs and was tempted by thoughts of suicide.

But then, he said, “I had the privilege of meeting God just at the moment I was doubting Him. On a little back street in Montreal, abandoned by people, there was nobody there. Passing by the old church, impelled by I don’t know what instinct, I turned back in there.”

When he went into the church, he was overwhelmed by God’s presence. He decided not only that he wanted to live, but also that he would be “a man of the Church”. Today Fr Paradis ministers to the homeless. “The street brought me to the Church and the Church in the end brought me back to the street,” he says.

Trump and the Pope share a problem

At Crux, John Allen noted that President Trump and the Pope are likely to disagree on many matters. But there is “one point” where the pair “may find common ground, if only in the sense of sharing the same headache: Russia.”

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