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Francis in no mood to reach out to critics

Pope Francis was not in a reconciliatory mood over the holiday season, John Allen observed at Cruxnow.com. During the Pope’s speech to the Curia, Allen pointed out, he accused some critics of doing the Devil’s work, which was “not exactly the tone of a leader for whom job number one is healing”. Then, on New Year’s Eve, “Francis warned Christians against being ‘narrow-minded’, succumbing to ‘sterile nostalgia’, and being ‘prisoners of an all-or-nothing attitude’.”

“Bottom line,” Allen declared, was: “The holidays seemed to offer Pope Francis chances to reach out, and he didn’t bite.” Allen speculated that Francis was “convinced he’s on the right course” or had concluded that “efforts at compromise and bipartisanship just don’t work.”

Or maybe it’s just the Pope’s style, Allen suggested. “Close friends of Pope Francis say he’s got a bit of a stubborn streak, and isn’t temperamentally inclined to rethink decisions,” he said.

“There’s a Jesuit element too, since Jesuit superiors are expected to consult widely before reaching conclusions but be firm about applying them once they have… Whatever the case, what the holiday season appeared to indicate is that Francis is moving full steam ahead.”

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