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Getting emotional

At Charlotte Was Both, Amy Welborn recalled talking to a young teen who “had reluctantly determined that he must be an agnostic. Why? Because he didn’t and couldn’t seem to feel anything.”

That crystallised, Welborn said, her own unease with much youth ministry. “I thought about all of the youth ministry programmes that I see and am somewhat familiar with, that my kids are invited to participate in. They’re all emotionally based.”

That could mean “enjoyment and fun”; it could, at a later stage “emphasise other emotions – joy, remorse, connectedness, excitement – from retreats to Adoration events that feature praise music and personal witness.”

But that doesn’t work for everyone. “What if you’re a kid who searches for evidence of truth mostly through your head and not through your emotions?” You might then ask: “Does that mean I maybe don’t have faith?”

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