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Why the Devil can’t stand normal Catholics

“What does the Devil hate?” asked Fr Dwight Longenecker at his blog. The answer was “supernatural normalcy”. “Satan loves everything that is perverted, twisted, destroyed and diseased.” Therefore he hates “all that is natural and free and good and wholesome and normal and fine and happy and whole.

“He hates good Catholic families. He hates ordinary Catholics who work hard, pray hard, laugh hard and who love God, love life, love one another and live life to the full.”

There were many everyday saints, hidden in the world, who had “a certain grace”: “They are naturally interested in other people, and don’t give two hoots about themselves.” They had become real. They had become supernaturally normal.

Accepting that the Pope is the Pope

At the Coming Home Network, Jean Koneazny Pollock described her journey out of sedevacantism – the belief that post-Vatican II popes are false popes. Pollock and her family became convinced, through friends, that the “new sacraments” were not valid. “Any man who had

become consecrated a bishop or ordained a priest after the sacraments had been changed was not a real bishop or priest. Not only that, but because they accepted Vatican II and its heresies … they were ipso facto excommunicated.”

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