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Transfiguring our view of the world

At Father Ed’s Blog, Fr Ed Tomlinson reflected on the Transfiguration and its significance for our spiritual lives. “The Transfiguration occurs when Jesus’s enemies are closing in,” Fr Tomlinson wrote. Our Lord “provided this glimpse of his divine nature to save them from that awful defeatist view we tend to have in life when we lose sight of God’s power and majesty.”

Defeatism is a risk today, when “our culture has clearly abandoned the Christian faith that formed it”, and within the Church “the heresy of liberal modernism attempts to overthrow the true faith of the ages. An attempt that will ultimately fail, for God really is sovereign, but until the crisis is defeated it remains the gravest Christian scandal since the Arian heresy.” Even at “the highest levels of the Church”, there is confusion.

Lent reminds us that we can only respond by being “faithful to the Gospel” – by showing “sacrifice” and love” to our friends and enemies alike. That is what we will be judged on. “So don’t get hung up on politics, in this world or in the Church, we will not be judged on these transitory things which are, in truth, beyond our control.”

An astonishing survival in Italy

Is it a miracle? It certainly raises some unusual questions. Forty consecrated Hosts have been discovered in an Italian church, more than a year after it was destroyed by an earthquake.

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