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Britain’s freedoms and a Tory threat

“Brexit was supposed to liberate Britons from unaccountable government, PC orthodoxy, and high-handed bureaucracy,” wrote Sohrab Ahmari in Commentary. “But who needs Brussels mandarins when supposed Conservatives in Westminster are beholden to the same orthodoxies? The government is planning to make “an ultra-progressive sex education curriculum” mandatory.

There will be no exceptions: children of all faiths will have to be taught about same-sex marriage and transgenderism.

Ahmari noted that Justine Greening, the former education secretary who introduced the idea, had a clear motive: she told Sky News in July “that ‘it is important that the church, in a way, keeps up and is part of a modern country. We have allowed same-sex marriage, that’s a massive step forward for the better … I think people do want to see our major faiths keep up with modern attitudes.’”

The new rules make it even easier for the government to control what private and religious schools can and can’t teach about sex and gender – and it’s not clear whether parents will have the right to withdraw their children. “That this is happening under a Tory government tells you that the future of religious freedom and parental autonomy in the UK is bleak.”

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