While I wait for my house sale to go through, I am staying with a friend in the country. He and I have been watching the early days of Donald Trump on the television news in his cosy farmhouse snug.

From the relative safety of Surrey, it all looks so remote. But we have had our moments of protest. My friend, a farmer, was happy enough with every pronouncement, including the Mexican wall, until the US President mentioned God.

“What!” screamed the farmer, lurching forward in his armchair and almost hurling his mug at the TV in fury. “Why do they always have to ruin everything by bringing God into it?”

“What’s the matter with God?” I asked.

And he ranted for a good 10 minutes about why he doesn’t believe, and why he can’t stand anyone who does believe telling people they believe.

Aside from this small disagreement, however, my friend was pretty much on board the Trump agenda, which is not an unusual position for people outside the metropolis to take, I have noticed.

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