Doctors who judge whether healings should be declared miracles are no longer to be paid in cash under new norms approved by Pope Francis.

The regulations say that from now on the medical panel should only be paid by wire transfer.

Among the other regulations is a requirement that the medical panel has a quorum of six experts and that a two-thirds majority is needed to approve a statement declaring that a healing has no natural or scientific explanation.

Previously, the declaration – a major step in a pope’s recognition of a miracle attributed to the intercession of a candidate for sainthood – required the approval of a simple majority of the consultation team members present.

Archbishop Marcello Bartolucci, secretary of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, said: “The purpose of the regulation is for the good of the Causes, which can never be separated from the historical and scientific truth of the alleged miracles.”

Archbishop Bartolucci presided over a seven-member commission that began revising the regulations in September 2015 to update norms established in 1983. The regulations also say that an alleged miracle “cannot be re-examined more than three times”.

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