Former White House adviser Steve Bannon has credited St Ignatius of Loyola with helping him to quit drinking and stay sober for 19 years.

Mr Bannon, the combative Breitbart News chief, has practised St Ignatius’s examen every day since 1998, according to a new biography.

The examen is recommended by St Ignatius in his Spiritual Exercises. It is a way of reviewing the day and God’s presence in it.

Mr Bannon told America magazine that it had helped him to lead a “better, more fulfilled life”.

He said: “The daily exercise has helped to ground me by understanding my failures in the previous day before turning to the day ahead.”

Keith Koffler, in his biography Bannon: Always the Rebel, described Mr Bannon as “not quite an alcoholic”, saying he stopped drinking when he realised it was “definitely having an impact on me, on just my ability to perform … I didn’t have a drinking problem, but I didn’t have a drinking solution.”

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