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Cardinal Müller could answer the dubia, but will he get the chance? asks Fr Mark Drew

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Filipe d’Avillez asks how will the Catholic, pro-life new head of the UN deal with the liberal consensus?

Living by the liturgical calendar can have amazing results, says Chene Heady

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What will it take for the abortion industry to be held accountable? asks Madeleine Teahan

Colin Brazier warns that on live TV, you can’t be too careful what questions you ask

Make the next 12 months a year of living virtuously says Quentin de la Bédoyère

Caroline Wyatt on what we BBC journalists can learn from George Orwell

Mary Kenny says if you can afford a car, you can afford hospital parking fees

Francis Phillips acclaims the poetry and poignancy of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago

Pastor Iuventus is impressed on a visit to a thriving convent

Why did the press go easy on Fidel Castro, asks John Jolliffe

Fr Ronald Rolheiser on his favourite books of the past year

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