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Pope urges US and North Korea to find diplomatic solution

Francis tells journalists the situation 'has heated up too much'

Knights of Malta elect temporary leader

Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto is elected Lieutenant of the Grand Master

Pope urges US and North Korea to find diplomatic solution

Francis tells journalists the situation ‘has heated up too much’

Pope celebrates Mass for 15,000 Catholics in Cairo

In his homily, Francis decried religious fanaticism

Pope Francis and Coptic Pope Tawadros honour 21st-century martyrs

‘Your sufferings are also our sufferings,’ Francis tells Egyptian Christians

Pope Francis urges Egypt’s imams to ‘unmask violence’ in God’s name

Al-Azhar’s grand imam thanked the Pope for his ‘fair’ comments

‘It’s a trip of unity, of fraternity’: Pope begins two-day visit to Egypt

Francis was driven into town in a blue Fiat with the window rolled down, having said he would not travel in an armoured vehicle

New law to protect the homeless is a ‘major victory’, says Catholic charity

Caritas Anchor House describes the Homelessness Reduction Act as ‘the most significant reform in 40 years’

Police raid ‘underground’ church in China during Mass

A government statement said the police had successfully stopped ‘illegal religious activity’

Pope Francis arrives in Egypt with message of peace

The Pope is visiting the country only weeks after twin suicide attacks on Coptic churches

Philippine bishop backs case against Duterte in international court

A case filed at the Hague accuses President Duterte and 11 other Philippine officials of crimes against humanity

Cardinal Dolan slams Democrat pledge to support only pro-abortion candidates

The cardinal said the policy was ‘disturbing’ and ‘intolerant’

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How inept leadership nearly destroyed the Knights of Malta – in 1798

The Knights were conquered by Napoleon and almost co-opted by the Tsar. But they survived

For Coleridge, prayer was vital to the poetic vocation

The great Romantic writer believed that poems should be consonant with Scripture and Christian tradition

When being ‘offensive’ becomes the worst crime, the biggest offender is God

Once you abandon belief in rationality, all you are left with is force and violence

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Egypt’s long Good Friday

The Pope is taking a risk by visiting Egypt, but he is going to the right place at the right time

Rod Dreher: why Christians need to embrace the ‘Benedict Option’

Dreher says Christians in America have to accept they will soon be part of a tiny, embattled minority

Stormzy: The grime king who is ‘blinded by grace’

Some Catholics may feel uneasy about contemporary music, but Stormzy’s lyrics draw deeply on his faith

A reminder that prayer works miracles

‘The Harbour Within’ tells us that Jesus takes care of everything

How a film about the Armenian Genocide faced a Turkish backlash

The Promise has been denigrated online and even seen a rival film produced to counter it

A day off for St George is a very good idea

Days off for Christian feasts and other religious festivals would be more appropriate than our current bank holidays

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